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Aloha Ques Cigar Night is a throwback to Smokers, pledge events put on by fraternities toward the end of the recruitment process where notable alumni acted as guest speakers to inform and persuade potential candidates or “Potentials” as to why their organization is preferable over other options. A few active members are also chosen to speak, a video or slideshow is usually shown, and some even allow the Potentials to add input as to why they are considering that fraternity.  Some have a bar, others are dry, but at some point after dinner the brothers and speakers take the Potentials outside the venue to smoke a cigar and fellowship.  Hence the name “Smoker.”



During the pandemic, everything was closed.  The Bruhs had nowhere to smoke and fellowship.  In true brotherly fashion, Beta Psi '96 turned his patio into an impromptu cigar spot that affectionately became known as "The Social Distance Lounge".  As you can guess, after COVID simmered down, the lounge was still the lounge!  So any given night, you're sure to find at least a few Bruhs over at '96's.  There are plenty of cigars, plenty of libations, and plenty of fellowship.  But be warned, it's not uncommon to hear a random Bruh holler out, "WHAT CHAPTER HE SAY HE FROM???"





Giving credit where credit is due, the original Hawaii Cigar Bruh is....Beta Psi 96.  No, I'm talking Bruh had BIG cigar game very early on.  My first time smoking with '96, I showed up and everybody had on blazers & bowties and cigars with foil labels kept in fancy baby suitcases.  Me, I showed up with a Grape flavored Phillies, a Black & Mild, and a Backwoods.  Everybody: "Who invited this savage to Cigar Night???"  Needless to say, I had to step mah game up!  You KNOW you're with a 7th D Bruh when you're smoking cigars that you can't even pronounce.  "'96, whatchu say this thing here is called???"  If you've got questions about cigars or cigar swag, holla at '96.  He'll get you squared away.





You know how the Bruhs do!  We're BIG on cigar swag out here in Hawaii.  When you smoke with the Aloha Ques, you're going to see the best cigar accessories & smoking tools from cutters, lighters, ashtrays and more.  You'll see everything you need for a perfect smoke.  Cigars have became the epitome of freedom and social authority.  Cigars symbolize affluence, power, and masculinity.  Traits that all Omega Men espouse.  As a result, elegant gentlemen of Omega meet after dinner to smoke cigars and fellowship in private smoking rooms. When you say Omega, you say "The Art of Manliness".  If you're in Hawaii, come out and enjoy a smoke, a see all of the accoutrements the Bruhs utilize when the Bruhs associate themselves together.  #PSSITA

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